Marius Ritiu

Travel, heritage, overview effect, cultural origin, migration, alchemy, outer-space; although thematically –and technically, too– the body of my work may not impress as a uniform set, my practice is underlaid by a unifying dialectic: understanding, capturing, ultimately celebrating the universally humane as my telos, I critically access those creative expressions of the human condition engineered to divide and inhibit –reflecting on the importance, or lack thereof, of nationhood, borders, divisive ideologies –and instead suggest to explore and realize the potential of the motley of human expressions to unite. To that end, I strive to universally intimate unfeigned, unselfconscious, unaffected expressions of the personal and the local, and, turning to science and in particular cosmology, I aim to instill in and through my work a consciousness that reconciles the uniqueness–objective and phenomenological–of distinct human experiences with the reality that hosts them: the reality of each and every one of us inhabiting a tiny blue dot in an incomprehensible vastness steeped in riddles.

My own experience as a travelling artist and an immigrant, continuing crossing borders and witnessing variations in culture, religion, nation, race– undoubtedly informs and anchors my practice; for one, its manifestation in my work is oftentimes unapologetically literal. But what it more importantly grounds is the quest essential to my work to comprehend and express the global through the local, the universal through the particular, the familiar through the alien, the phenomenological through the objective and scientific.