Born, raised, and educated in Romania (BA, MA in Classical Sculpture, Arts and Design University, Cluj-Napoca), I have worked from Antwerp both as one-half of the artist duo Bors & Ritiu (2010–2017), and solo, obtaining an MA from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium) along the way.


In my practice I reflect on the importance and/ or triviality of heritage, borders, nationhood, exploring ideas about traveling, movement, and migration, but also cosmology. My experience as an Eastern European immigrant in a Western European country is a source of inspiration, its manifestation in my work oftentimes unapologetically literal. But it also grounds a dialectic of larger scope. Variations in culture, religion, nation, race are variations on and creative expressions of the human condition. Instead of being celebrated, our differences are made into symbols and ideologies meant to divide; they are made into borders. The perspective of those who’ve crossed a few is worth reflecting on and from, but it is the astronaut who is the true skeptic: no eye that looks ‘down’ on Earth from space can see such perverse dividing lines. Now, this outlook invites radical revisionism.


Art; science; celebrating unfeigned, unselfconscious, unaffected expressions of locality – and inevitable yet synergistic interactions thereof – all contribute towards the global conscience I strive to instill in and through my work.